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As PROUT is just beginning on Maui, please visit the PROUT global website.

Visit us again later for more on local PROUT happenings. 


PROUT (PROgressive Utilization Theory) is a socio-economic model for a sustainable future based on neo-humanism, local self-reliance, environmental balance and a cooperative economy. The PROUT model guarantees the basic necessities of life to all, and encourages spiritual and cultural development.        

“We must not forget even for a single moment that the entire animate world is a vast joint family. Nature has not assigned any portion of this property to any particular individual … when the entire wealth of the universe is the common patrimony of all living beings, how can there be any justification for the system in which some roll in luxury, while others, deprived of a morsel of food, shrivel up and starve to death bit by bit.” Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, founder of PROUT 

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